Heitzman Traditional Bakery & Deli has offered an array of breads and other delicious specialty items to Kentuckiana for over 120 years!

Check out our latest bakery items featuring wonderful homemade pies, cakes and rolls. Let us know how we can help you with any of your bakery needs . If you know what you would like, place your order online. Check out some of our baked goods!

Dinner Rolls
Butter fluffs, Seeded, or Butter buns
Yeast rolls

White, Rye or Wheat

Jam Cakes
Available in Strawberry and Blackberry. Our biggest seller! Tender spice cake filled with raisins, pecans and fresh jam. Then covered with our copper kettle caramel!

Loaf Cakes
Banana Nut
Cranberry Almond

Homemade Pies
Dutch Apple
Dutch Cherry

Lemon Meringue
Chocolate Chip Pecan

Other Specialties
Fruit Stollen: Moist sweet dough filled with fruit, nuts and buttered rum
Charlotte Russe: Cooked custard mixed with a special creme
Butter Rum Cake: Traditional rum cake with pecans and streusel

Cookie Trays
8″ Plate: serves 10
12″ Plate: serves 20
16″ Plate: serves 30
12: Cookie and Bar Combo: Serves 25
12″ Bars: cut in half

Tortes and Specialty Cakes
Red Velvet: Layers of dark red chocolate with real cream cheese icing
Italian Creme: Rich white cake filled with coconut and pecans, topped with cream cheese icing
Strawberry Whipped Cream: 2 layers of white cake with 1 layer whipped creme, topped with fresh cut berries and jelly
Carrot: Tender creme cake with diced carrots and topped with a rich cream cheese icing
German Chocolate: Rich chocolate cake filled and topped with a luscious coconut and pecan icing
Triple Chocolate: 3 layers of brownie cake filled with fudge icing and topped with chocolate chips

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